Heinrich Hartmann

The Electoral College

Written on 2016-11-19

US Presidents are not directly elected by the citizens of the United States. Instead, citizens in each state vote to select a set of electors which vote for a party’s candidate in the Electoral College. Interestingly, the number of electors is not proportional to the population of the state. This means citizens in different states have different voting power for the President. This site visualizes the differences.


This visualization was created in collaboration with Rene Pickhardt in reply to the following tweet:

The source code is available on GitHub. Contributions are welcome.

Direct Comparison

Click and hover the map to select states for comparison.

One voter in
counts like
voters in .


Red colors represent more voting power than the selected state. Green colors represent less voting power than the selected state.


This chart shows voting power of citizens in comparison.


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Differences in Voting Power per State in the US Electoral College [OC] from dataisbeautiful